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Events with Las Tonas Mezcal


Las Tonas Mezcal always present in the most exclusive events. Meet our notes.

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Oaxaca - Tasting at the Mezcal Distillery


In the company of partners and special guests, we held a tasting of our complete line of mezcals.  The Distillery, Mezcalillera, without a doubt the best place to acquire the most interesting mezcals in the entire State of Oaxaca, was the setting for this intimate gathering that mixed history and mezcals in the best of all possible ways - by sharing experiences.

Monterrey - Dinner and Mezcal Pairing at the Executive Club in Monterrey, Mexico


Along with the chef at the Executive Club, we designed an experience for Infor Mexico, that included our five products in a four-course dinner.  The guests, all clients from northern Mexico, learned the best way to taste our mezcals and to know the marvels of the land that witnessed their creation.

Mexico City - Dinner and Mezcal Pairing at the Dulce Patria


The chef, Marta Ortiz, creator of the most interesting gastronomic experiences of Mexican cuisine, graciously opened the doors of her restaurant, Dulce Patria, to offer an adventure with our mezcals.  All the way from the appetizers through the desserts that filled up the senses, this five-course dinner and mezcal pairing received a score of 4.9 out of five possible points from the guests.

Mexico City - The Luxury Network


We sponsored the event of the network of the world's most luxurious brands.  Through the presentation of fine cocktails with mezcal and straight drinks, each one of the guests at the event recognized the flavors and aromas characteristic of our line of mezcals and were delighted with the new mixed drinks we designed exclusively for this event.

Mexico City - Blend + Diez Company


Along with Sal de Aqui, we designed one of the most attractive and classic experiences for the launching of the new line of products of the Diez Company. Combining various seasonal fruits, worm and grasshopper salts and the Las Tonas Mezcal line, we helped each guest live the traditional adventure of combining mezcals and the flavored salts in an elegant and intriguing way.

Mexico City - Club Piso 51 (the Floor 51 Club)


We developed a sensorial experience for the members of the Club Piso 51, that included all of the mezcals in our line of products and the exclusive chocolates of L'atelier du Chocolat.  The combination of these two products took the guests to one of the most attractive experiences imaginable.